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Far from Me

Everyone would be wise, if it was easy! But there is a huge discrepancy between our desire to be wise and wisdom itself. Only those who are willing to pay the required price will bridge that gap.

Some people want an education but they don’t want to go to school. Others want money, but they are unwilling to work. Some want knowledge, but they hate to read. In life, there is always a price involved to acquire objects of value.

For some people, the journey to wisdom is daunting. They look at how much effort lies before them and they grow discouraged. It seems like becoming the man or woman God intends them to be will take too long and too much work. Yet, as in every great journey, we must focus on the next step, not the distant destination. If we keep faithfully doing the next thing, we will one day achieve all God intends for us. Some of God’s greatest treasures laid aside for us may seem far away today. But they won’t always be, if we will do all we know to do, today.

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