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Don’t Take Everything to Heart

Also do not take to heart everything people say, lest you hear your servant cursing you.      Ecclesiastes 7:21

Leadership is not for the thin skinned! While it holds numerous privileges, it also subjects people to increased pressures and criticisms.

There will always be armchair critics. These are people who do not pay the price of leadership themselves, but they are quick to evaluate and criticize what leaders around them are doing

If you are overly concerned with peoples’ opinions, you will inevitably be hurt and distracted by them. You may have worked hard and made great sacrifices for your organization. Then you overhear someone criticizing your effort or second-guessing your motives. That can be devastating.

To guard yourself, you must be sure you do not place too much weight on peoples’ opinions. For people will inevitably disappoint and criticize you. Learn to expect it. Don’t let peoples’ praise be the reward you seek. For it is elusive. Be certain you are faithfully doing God’s will then take everything you hear from people with a grain of salt.

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