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Not Invited to the Party

But he did not invite Nathan the prophet, Benaiah, the mighty men, or Solomon his brother.      1 Kings 1:10

How obvious is your integrity to others? Do people know you are incorruptible? Do they recognize that it is pointless to invite you to indulge in questionable behavior? When people are telling off color jokes at your office, do they pass you by? It is human nature to feel hurt when we are excluded from what others, especially the majority, are doing. Yet it might be a great compliment.

People who are engaging in sinful behavior have an innate ability to recognize like-minded accomplices. Evil activities quickly attract those with wicked hearts. It says much about leaders such as Nathan and Benaiah that when wicked men were seeking to gather a crowd, those two men were left off the invitation list. These men’s integrity was well-known. They were perceived as incorruptible. Having such godly men present would have spoiled the evil deeds others were plotting.

What impact does your presence have in your church or workplace or neighborhood? Do you stand as a bastion of integrity? When others are caving in to the pressure to compromise, do you stand firm?

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